Age Defying Eye Cream 20ml - Abbie's Natural Skin Care Products
Age Defying Eye Cream 20ml - Abbie's Natural Skin Care Products

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Age Defying Eye Cream 20ml

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This very gentle yet potent blend is formulated with specific ingredients to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and assist your body in producing and stabilizing higher collagen and elastin levels. This silky smooth formula melts beautifully into the delicate skin around the eyes to provide an instantly cool feeling as it noticeably tightens and refines the skin while reducing and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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Directions for use: Gently apply to the delicate skin area around the eyes.

 Active Ingredients:

Vitamin A-- supports the skin's immune system and promotes and maintains a healthy dermis and epidermis by increasing cell turnover and accelerating cell renewal, resulting in noticeably firmer, thicker, more 'bouncy' skin. It evens out discoloration and smooths out damage caused by aging factors, while stimulating collagen and elastin production and healing hyper-pigmentation.

Hyaluronic Acid -­ naturally produced by the body, this helps to pull and retain moisture into the skin, creating a plumping effect, and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This also helps with skin cell production and increased collagen levels, which makes the skin more flexible and reduces the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles.

Tamanu Oil – numerous biological studies have shown that tamanu oil has wound-healing and skin regeneration properties. It has been used successfully in hospital settings to treat scars with its ability to make collagen and other components of the skin. It promotes cell proliferation and is amazing at fighting and reversing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Argon Oil – extremely moisturizing and helps protect the skin against free radical damage caused by the sun, preventing burns, hyper-pigmentation, and aging skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil – naturally high in Vitamin E which boosts the skin’s ability to retain elasticity by helping to protect the cells from damaging free radicals. This oil improves skin tone, nourishes it, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aloe Vera -- known for it's soothing and healing properties. It has antibacterial, anti -fungal, and antiviral compounds that help prevent wound infections. It also contains vitamins and minerals that stimulate collagen synthesis and skin regeneration.

Raw Honey – full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes to moisturize, heal, and work overtime to keep your skin young and healthy. It's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties soothe and protect the skin from infections with it's naturally low pH that bacteria simply cannot survive in.

MSM – this biologically active sulfur compound is one of the most critical nutrients for our bodies to remain youthful and energetic. It helps the body normalize collagen formation and radically improves the overall health and appearance of the skin.

Ginko Biloba Botanical Extract -- a very strong antioxidant known for it's great revitalizing, stimulating, firming, and anti-aging properties.

Cucumber Peel Botanical Extract -- this calm and cooling extract, with it's anti-inflammatory and skin tightening properties, is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential for strong cell growth and repair.

Peppermint Essential Oil – acts as a vasodilator and increases blood flow to the area of application providing proper nourishment, reducing puffiness and irritation.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil -- one of the best oils for mature skin. It stimulates cell growth while removing toxins, giving the skin a more toned, smooth and youthful appearance. It also helps reduce and even prevent wrinkles.

Lavender Essential Oil – very safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. It is antibacterial with properties for healing itchy and/or irritated skin conditions. It also has diuretic properties that can help drain out fluid stored under the eyes that cause eye bags.

Frankincense Essential Oil – has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. It promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. For this reason, it helps eliminate sun spots, removes micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and tones and tightens skin all over the body.

Bergamot Essential Oil – works to stimulate cell renewal and is a very potent anti-inflammatory, proving very effective at reducing puffiness around the eyes.

Fennel Essential Oil – stimulates cell regeneration, helps smooth out wrinkles and treats dark, baggy skin under the eyes.


Customer Reviews

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Wakes my eyes up

I love this cream. It makes my skin look younger and makes my eyes feel more awake and open. I use it on my 11's as well to keep that area smooth :-)

very good quality

I received this in the mail a week ago and I just want to say how pleased I am. I can feel it working moments after applying it. My skin feels firmer and looks smoother immediately. This is a very good quality cream and I'm happy with my purchase


I am so in love with this eye cream! I can feel it working literally within seconds of applying it and I have already noticed a difference in my dark circles. This is da bomb!

Instant difference

I started using eye cream in the morning. I was using it only at nignt before. It's way better in the morning!!! It feels like it wakes my eyes up. I can see a noticeable difference in seconds, especially if I'm hungover!

It actually does everything it says it does

I Love this eye cream! I once bought a little tiny tube of eye cream for a price I'm embarrassed to say and I'm pretty sure it actually gave me wrinkles. Well maybe not but it definitely didn't help anything. And it burned my eyes if I got it too close. This stuff actually does everything it says on the label. I actually notice my skin is firmer and more bouncy (is that the right word?). I stopped wearing concealer because I don't even need it anymore and I got mistaken for my mom's granddaughter!! I'd say it's doing it's job :) Also huge bonus. My eyelashes have never been healthier or thicker in my life.

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