Safely Scented Options

Not a fan of some essential oil smells?

Now available with the option to choose lightly scented for a few select products. Choose Fresh scent for a nice light neutral smell. 

Shampoo & Body WashMoisturizing ShampooLeave-In ConditionerHair ButterHand & Body LotionDaily Renewal Face Cream, Beard Oil, and Baby Products

The biggest reason certain people are sensitive to scented products is not the actual scent itself. It's the phthalates that are in the fragrance oil used. The cheaper fragrance oils available have a very high percentage of phthalates used in them. 

Phthalates are basically tiny spores of toxic plastic that are inhaled and deposited all throughout your body, causing severe problems to the respiratory tract as well as long term health defects on the body as a whole.
Phthalates are almost never listed on an ingredient list because they're technically part of the fragrance oil and, therefore can be included in the company's trademark secrets. Because of this, you will never truly know what you're using. That is, unless the company volunteers this information to the public. 

The scents I have available are 100% phthalate free and are as natural as a fragrance oil can be. I only ever use the best!

If you're not interested in lightly scented products, not to worry..  my original 100% natural and scent free line will always be available.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at or (902) 204-4445 or use the Contact Us page.

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