Products Used and Available Locally

Swinamer Massage Therapy 

Sarah Swinamer RMT located in Dartmouth NS, uses Daily Renewal Face Cream and Age-Defying Detox Facial Serum in her Rejuvenating Face Massage Treatments and also has Daily Facial Cleanser available for her clients to use as needed. She highly recommends Age-Defying Eye Cream along with regular Rejuvenating Face Massage to anyone wanting to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Products are available to buy at her location by appointment only. 

Lisa E Hrabowsky Esthetic Services 

Lisa E Hrabowsky is located in Chester, NS and uses our face products in her New All Natural Facials. Her classic facial improves skin's appearance by stimulating blood flow, boosting hydration, cleansing pores + relaxing the mind.

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