Hair & Scalp Treatment 130ml - Abbie's Natural Skin Care Products
Hair & Scalp Treatment 130ml - Abbie's Natural Skin Care Products

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Hair & Scalp Treatment 130ml

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This Hair and Scalp Treatment is a leave-in product with a perfect blend of aloe and 100% pure essential oils designed to soothe and heal most scalp related problems, particularly dandruff and seborrhea. It penetrates deep down while cleansing the pores from the inside out and increasing circulation to stimulate and encourage healthy new hair growth. It contains an active blend of proteins to strengthen and nourish each hair strand individually with the vitamins and minerals needed to grow healthy and strong and also enhances the moisture binding ability giving sparkle, shine, and bounce. 

Now available as a spray

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How to Use

Squeeze approximately a quarter-sized amount of product into your hands and gently rub into scalp, paying particular attention to problem areas. Do not rinse out. Works best if applied to damp hair. For best results use every day.

Can also be used to seal ends.


Active Ingredients:

Aloe Vera -- known for it's soothing and healing properties, it reduces redness and irritation and maintains proper physiological functions of the scalp.

Castor Oil – this is a very stimulating oil that significantly improves blood circulation to the roots. A large percentage of castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid, an Omega-9 fatty acid that can penetrate the pores of the skin and hair follicles, providing nourishment and enabling the hair follicles to restore growth to a normal level.

Keratin-- a combination of three different plant proteins all beneficial to the growth of shiny, healthy hair. This is what hair needs to grow healthy and strong.

Rosemary Essential Oil -- stimulates hair growth and improves most scalp problems, particularly dandruff and seborrhea and also provides extensive added shine to the hair.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – has anti-fungal properties that help ward off infection and also eliminates residue build-up and clogging of pores on the head. It penetrates deep down and increases follicle stimulation, resulting in improved shine, thickness, and overall health of your hair.

Camphor Essential Oil – strengthens and improves circulation to the roots, boosts new growth, and reduces hair fall-out. It also kills lice.

Tea Tree Essential Oil -- one of nature's most effective and versatile healers. It is soothing and disinfecting along with having antiseptic and anti-fungal properties to heal the scalp of all different types of irritation.

Peppermint Essential Oil -- Acts as a vasodilator and increases blood flow to the area of application providing proper nourishment to the roots of the hair. This ability to encourage circulation to specific areas makes it very beneficial for regrowing hair.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing- all around

I have grown back a bunch of hair when I first started using it. It now keeps my hair healthy and full! My hair used to fall out a lot during the winter and now i barely shed.

Thicker and healthier hair!!

This has made my hair so much thicker and way healthier than it was before. I didn't really notice anything right away but I guess that makes sense because it works from the roots out. But wow!! I'm really starting to love my hair now and I owe it all to this product!

Grew back sooo much hair

I started using this to make my hair more healthy and shiny. It did that but I honestly had no idea how much hair I obviously lost over the years. My hair has always been thick so I guess I didn't notice but wow this stuff grew back sooo much hair!!! It was so crazy that I had to get bangs for a while because I had so many little short pieces growing back all in the front. If I parted my hair anywhere, I could see tons of new ones coming in but the place I noticed the most was in the front. I had really high hopes when I bought this but I had no idea it was gonna work near as good as it did.

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