Skin Purifying Detox Facial Serum 50ml - Abbie's Natural Skin Care Products
Skin Purifying Detox Facial Serum 50ml - Abbie's Natural Skin Care Products

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Skin Purifying Detox Facial Serum 50ml

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This gentle yet potent formula of carefully selected botanical extracts wrapped up in a silky Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel base is perfect for soothing and healing all sorts of skin ailments. The detoxifying qualities of these specific extracts combined with the highest therapeutic grades of Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils make this skin purifying detox facial serum exactly what your skin is asking for. Green Tea and Ginseng come together to build up your own natural defense mechanism to fight free radicals and the signs of aging while fighting skin imperfections and restoring your complexion.
Perfect For All Skin Types

How to Use

Splash freshly cleansed face with water. Shake product before use. Gently apply a few drops to face and neck. Allow to absorb in on it's own.         


Active Ingredients:


 Aloe Vera -- known for it's soothing and healing properties. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral compounds that help prevent wound infections. It also stimulates collagen synthesis and skin regeneration.

Witch Hazel -- one of nature's best astringents. It's cool soothing sensation makes it great for reducing redness and irritation. This penetrates deep beneath the skin's surface to control acne-causing bacteria.

Green Tea Botanical Extract – rich in potent antioxidants that help repair the effects of aging and environmental factors. This also contains a high percentage of natural caffeine which is a great circulatory stimulant.

Ginseng Botanical Extract -- rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. It contains large amounts of natural steroids (Ginsenosides) which are essential for the production of new skin cells and assist with refreshing dull, stressed and aged skin.

Burdock Root Botanical Extract -- increases circulation to the skin, helping to detoxify the epidermal tissues, making it a very good treatment for acne and other scaly skin disorders.

Honeysuckle Botanical Extract -- considered a natural antibiotic that enhances the immune system and combats infection both internally and externally, proving very effective in clearing up skin rashes and blemishes.

Thyme Botanical Extract – has strong anti-bacterial and cleansing properties and can effectively fight germs and prevent inflammation.

Frankincense Essential Oil – has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. It promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. For this reason, it helps eliminate sun spots, removes micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and tones and tightens skin all over the body.

Myrrh Essential Oil -- greatly benefits aging skin. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help improve skin tone, firmness, and skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Myrrh can also heal sun damage, chapped skin, rashes, and eczema.




Lavender Essential Oil – has a very high antioxidant content and is a natural anti-inflammatory, making it excellent for treating acne and other skin conditions. It's antiseptic properties help to heal and soothe the skin and reduce redness and irritation, while fighting and preventing further infection.


Lemongrass essential oil – a natural astringent to control excess oil and shine. It also has very strong antibacterial and purifying qualities to help eliminate impurities and acne-causing bacteria, leaving the skin feeling clean and clear.


Turmeric Essential Oil – has very powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties which all helps heal and control skin irritations of all kinds. This balances the skin, keeping it at the perfect pH level.


Spearmint essential oil – Great for soothing irritated skin because of it's natural local/topical anesthetic properties. It's ability to cool, calm, and relax aggravated skin makes it a must have in a natural aftershave product.




Customer Reviews

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Sarah S.
Prevents and also heals breakouts Fast

I use this daily as an extra preventative for breakouts and its working cause I haven't had any since I started!! When I started, I had a HUGE pimple. I put this on it to heal it faster!

love this

finally something that actually works. I use like 2 drops of this along with 2 drops of the age defying serum and my skin is completely clear and actually looks and feel younger now. I love these serums

Worth every penny

Ok I've been using this for a couple weeks now and my skin looks so good now. I just use a drop here and there as spot treatments and it heals up little pimples so fast i don't even freak out when I get one anymore because it's like pretty much gone in a day. If you want something that actually Works, you need to get This!

this saved my skin!

This serum along with the daily facial cleanser completely saved my skin! I tried proactive and all kinds of other things and it didn't help at all. This stuff is the best thing I ever used on my face. And if I get a pimple now, it goes away like within a day. I love the smell of it too. Smells so natural and makes me feel good using it.

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